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The Manomanouche project was created in 2001 following the meeting of musicians from different professional backgrounds. The aim was for wider public recognition for the culture and traditional music of the manouche gipsies . Many national and European artists are collaborating on this project. Within only three years Manomanouche has become well known in Gipsy Jazz circles for the quality of their research and for their musical arrangements and their sensitivity.

They give a lot of concerts always embracing their own personal style but always remembering the roots and traditions of their inspiration. The essence of Manomanouche is always characterised by a personal and original work of research of the sound, of the instruments and by their own style of Swing Manouche. A music based on improvisation open to influence and derive principally from the fusion between swing , tsigane folklore and Italian melody.

The manomanouche project proposes a range of arrangements of tracks of the well known Django Reinhardt, some standards , valzer gipsy musette and other original tracks. The Manomanouche concerts have an immediate impact on the public and are completely performed with acoustic instruments.

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Les CD concernant Manomanouche (Rubrique Ecouter)
- Complicity -  2009

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